Vacuum drying


Vacuum belt drying is an alternative for high viscosity, heat sensitive products.

This is a continuous low temperature process which preserves the characteristics of your product.

Did you know that at a pressure of 12 millibars, the boiling point of water is only 20°C?

Some products and active ingredients are highly heat sensitive. This process dries without modifying their characteristics. There is hardly any oxidation and Maillard reactions are limited.

Our capabilities:

  • Test batches and production runs,
  • Products with viscosity of 1,000 cP and over.


Some examples of vacuum belt dried products:

  • Plant extracts,
  • Fruit and vegetable,
  • Flavors,
  • Raw materials for pharmaceutical use,
  • Meat extracts, etc.

Market segments

  • Food Nutraceuticals Pharmaceutical
  • Animal feed and pet food Cosmetics
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