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Food products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical use raw materials are all sectors and applications where the use of powder products proves to be the smart and even necessary solution. The European leader in contract drying, L.I.S (Lesaffre Ingredients Services), a subsidiary of the Lesaffre group, supports manufacturers throughout the process: from the idea behind a drying project through to the development of a powder ingredient, including a full range of in-house services, from co-development to industrial subcontracting.   To start up any powder development project, L.I.S has its “Powder StudioTM”: a human-scale Applied Research and Development laboratory that builds on L.I.S’s solid experience in dryability and formulation. It offers optimal conditions to accompany customers’ projects towards industrialisation.

Bespoke support, tailored drying

From product development in the laboratory to industrialisation, including the pilot stage, L.I.S expert teams support their customers through a comprehensive and tailor-made range of services:

  • development of formulations,
  • dryability studies,
  • process parameter studies,
  • powder specification,
  • semi-industrial test runs,
  • contract drying.

With expertise going back over fifty years, L.I.S. helps its customers at each stage of the development of a powder ingredient from the upstream phase of the project stage, to the downstream and final phase of industrialisation, relying on:

  • its integrated POWDER STUDIOTM co-development laboratory in Rennes (France): a small unit to study project feasibility and elaborate formulations for the product to be dried, by a laboratory stage targeting industrial application;
  • the semi-industrial capabilities of its pilot centre, which help to define drying parameters and optimise the implementation of the powder obtained;
  • its industrial subcontracting capabilities in Europe (France and Poland) that transform experimental phases into optimised industrial processes, tailored to customers’ resources and needs.

YOUR drying project in OUR dedicated laboratory

Powder StudioTM is the new L.I.S co-development laboratory. This “studio”, taken from the Italian studio meaning “place to study”, is a human-scale research laboratory located in Rennes (France).

Focused on Innovation and Applied Research and Development, Powder Studio works on projects at their source and supports its customers in:

  • dryability studies: L.I.S adapts to its customers to integrate the features they are looking for in their powders (flow properties, dispersibility, encapsulation, etc.) and choose the most appropriate drying technology,
  • fine-tuning of the formulation: supported by its database containing more than 100 carriers, for choice (clean label and clear label) and determination of the appropriate rate,
  • assessment of drying parameters for scaling up to the industrial phase with test plans,
  • powder specification according to the final application (dry blending, re-solution, extrusion, pills, etc.),
  • heat-sensitivity study to protect the target compounds (flavours, probiotics) and the original colour of the ingredients,
  • prevention of powder ageing, in particular the protection of the target compound over time or the reduction of oxidation.

This co-development department upholds the know-how acquired by L.I.S in the drying of various products and, through the flexibility of a laboratory, accompanies each project from the simple idea of a powder product through to a pre-industrialisation test pilot phase, depending on customers’ specific needs across the whole range of sectors: food, nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

From the laboratory to industrial subcontracting

In addition to its Powder StudioTM co-development laboratory, L.I.S accompanies its customers in pilot trials and for industrial subcontracting of ingredient drying.

  1. Semi-industrial pilot phase:

With its strong expertise in ingredient drying and supported by a dedicated pilot centre, L.I.S accompanies and advises its customers in the semi-industrial phase.

  • Our unit conducts more than two hundred trials a year for its customers, validating implementation stages for future large-scale production.
  • Our installations have different capacities to offer the best technical and economic conditions and meet customers’ needs at each phase of the project: an efficient and progressive scale-up to adapt the drying processes to each ingredient profile and each customer constraint.
  1. Industrialisation:

Whether for regular or punctual requirements, L.I.S provides its customers with its know-how and industrial drying tools to optimise the final powder according to its use, bringing into play different technology:

  • spray-drying: tailored solutions adapted to each product, target compounds like flavourings through to minerals, vitamins, dairy products, enzymes, yeast extracts, etc.,
  • vacuum belt drying, an alternative technology for very viscose or heat-sensitive products,
  • EPTTM (Extrusion Porosification TechnologyTM), a specific process to protect heat-sensitive materials,
  • encapsulation, which protects volatile, light-sensitive or easily oxidised active ingredients.

In addition, besides its core business of ingredient drying, L.I.S also integrates and validates all pre- and post-drying stages to optimise processes according to effective production requirements: reception of products to be dried, possible preparation before drying, packaging, blending of different powders.


On the strength of L.I.S’ expertise in the development of powders, its teams and industrial resources support customers in all their innovation projects in the field of powder ingredients.

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Market segments

  • Food Nutraceuticals Pharmaceutical
  • Animal feed and pet food Cosmetics
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