Pilot trials


LIS has a dedicated pilot plant which carries out more than 200 tests each year.


  • Assess the feasibility of drying,
  • Take into account the expected properties of the powders,
  • Check compliance with your specifications,
  • Produce initial samples.


The steps of a pilot trial:

  • Documents checking: technical and safety data sheets,
  • Analysis of samples provided by the customer,
  • Definition of the production process: preparation before drying, drying and packaging,
  • Customers are welcome to be present during tests and can, at any time, modify the implementation processes,
  • A test report is drawn up when the test has been completed,
  • When the tests are completed and the customer has received the powder samples, subsequent production can start when the customer has approved all steps.

Market segments

  • Food Nutraceuticals Pharmaceutical
  • Animal feed and pet food Cosmetics
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